Green olives

Green Conservolia is created with strictly organic farming standards in the family olive groves in Stilida. In August we start closely monitoring the green fruit ripening rate in order to harvest it just before it gets over ripe (veraison stage). We harvest by hand so as to avoid bruising the fruit. The quality sorting follows immediately after.
Its package preserves its special flavour and natural characteristics as well as the human labour invested in its organic identity, from the harvest to your table.

Greenolia, Αγνά Προϊόντα Ελαιολάδου

Other organic olive products

Greenolia, Αγνά Προϊόντα Ελαιολάδου
Stuffed green olives
Organic green “AMFISSIS” olives (Conservolia) stuffed with red pepper
Greenolia, Αγνά Προϊόντα Ελαιολάδου
Kalamon olives
Organic “KALAMON” Olives